Looks Aren't Important
Season 1, Episode 2
Challenge(s) Build a boat, and get it across the river with all your team members on it.
Reward(s) Immunity. Won't lose A member.
Winner(s) Death Crate
Eliminated April
Episode guide
"Class Day"
"Let the Backstabbing Begin!"

"Welcome back to Renegades. Last time, the Death Crate lost, and Darryl was eliminated. Well, we have 15 contestants left. Who would would rise to the top? And who would sink? Find out now," said Wren.


"Wow," said Abby.

"Hm?" asked Colt.

Abby replied, "Never mind."

Sunday motioned for Abby to come over. She said, "Abby, darling. Come here."

So Abby went to where Sunday was. After Abby went in, Sunday closed and shut the door. Sunday said, "We should make an alliance. All girls. Who is in?"

Astrid, Abby, and Carly said, "Yes."

Then, they formed in a circle, and Sunday said, "One, two, three. Females United."

Meanwhile, the others on Death Crate were making an alliance. Colt said, "We should make an alliance."

Jonas said, "We need a female, so it's not a all men's alliance."

Reed replied, "That is a great idea."

[Confessional: Abby said, "I can be in their alliance, and I can tell them about the girl's alliance.]

As Abby walked out, Colt called her over. Colt said, "We are making an alliance, and we want you to be in it."

Abby replied, "Okay, I am in. But the other part of this team has an all girl's alliance, and I am part of it."

Reed asked, "Who made the alliance?"

In which, Abby replied, "Suday."

Colt said, "Thanks."

Then, Abby walked out the door. Colt said, "We should backdoor Abby."

Jonas said, "We should. She could be a threat."

[Confessional: Abby said, "In fact, I hate everyone on the girl's alliance, and I hate Jonas. Ew. His hair. I am toying with them."

She laughes.]

[Confesional: Colt said, "We know what your plan is, Abby. Trick us, and help you. Nope. Not going to happen.]

On the other side of the team, Anika, Piper, April, and Dalilah are talking on making an alliance, while Craig, Asher, and Rhett are talking on making an alliance. So therefore, the two groups came together, and made an alliance. Rhett said, "Alliance. One. Two. Three."

They screamed, "The Big Deal."

As The Big Deal was their alliance name, everyone agreed on it. 

[Confessional: Anika said, "They seem cool, I guess. I don't know yet. But right now, we are trying to get out Clyde. I won't count them as my friend yet, but we will see.]

Clyde, on the other hand, was just sleeping and sleeping. While back to the Death Crate, Reed said, "We need a name."

Jonas said, "How about the The Other Side?"

Colt replied, "Good idea. That is going to be the three of us. I am going to get Abby, so we can be in another alliance."

Reed and Jonas responded, "Okay."

When Colt got back, Reed said, "Our alliance's name is The Final Four."

[Confessional: Abby said, "Wow. The Final Four. Cool.]

Kae screamed, "Challenge time. Get to the beach now."

All the contestants scrambled to get to the beach. Wren said, "Okay. Today's challenge is to build a boat and get all of your teammates across the river. First team to do this wins!"

Rhett called his team over. Rhett said, "Okay. We need to find materials first. Any types of materials."

So, his team scrambled to find materials, but once Clyde went far enough. Craig called his alliance back over. Piper said, "We should gamethrow this competition to get Clyde out."

Anika replied, "Fair enough."

[Confessional: April said, "So, we are planning to get Clyde out. Yay. I live another day."]

The other team struggled to get everyone working together. Finally, Abby said, "Okay. We should scramble to find materials."

Therefore, everyone went to different directions. Astrid, Carly, Reed, and Colt went to a pile of wood, where Astrid discussed on making a four people alliance. Reed said, "Okay."

Carly and Colt asked, at the same time, "The Explosions."

They all agreed on it. 

[Confessional: Colt said, "I think we will backdoor Jonas.]

Astrid said to Carly, "Are we leaving Abby and Sunday behind?"

Carly replied, "I don't know. But I might, though."

[Confessional: Carly said, "Yup. Betraying the Females United, but Astrid is still my friend."]

Colt said to Reed, "Should we keep Jonas, or no?"

Reed replied, "We should not keep them, so this means the The Other Side is over."

Colt shook his head yes.

Meanwhile, Anika said, "Wow. I found some rowing stuff."

Asher came over, and said, "Good job. We are going to build right now."

As the Sunshine Crate gets building, the Death Crate are coming to regroup. Kae said to Wren, "This challenge is taking forever."

Wren replied, "And not to mention, all those alliances."

April said, "Is this going to get my makeup smeared?"

Piper looked at her. April repiled, "What? Aren't we gamethrowing?"

Clyde looked at her, while all of the other members of the team were in shock. Clyde said, "You guys are going to vote me off."

Rhett said, "We were. Until someone."

All the alliance members glared at April. Craig said, "Now we need to really participate to win now."

April screamed and ran. April screamed, "Oh my goodness."

Clyde walked away, and said, "I am going to look for more materials."

Anika said to the remaining people, "So, we should backdoor April, instead of Clyde."

Asher responded, "Yes."

Piper said, "So, we all agree right?"

"Yes," said everyone.

Rhett asked, "So, the Big Deal has ended."

Anika replied, "Yes."

Dalilah said, "Well, we should continue working."

[Confessional: Anika said, "I was quite happy with this alliance, sadly April messed it up."]

Kae announced, "Wow. The Death Crate has finished building their boat."

Once Kae said this announcement, Clyde and April quickly returned. April said, sarcastically, "Wow. We better hurry guys."

Dalilah said, "April, you look ugly now."

April responded by spraying perfune in the direction of Dalilah. April said, "Wow. Say that to Queen April, the head of the Beauty Pageants."

[Confesional: Craig could be seen laughing. Craig said, "Head of the Beauty Pageants."

He continues to laugh.]

Carly said, "Guys, we should use our hands to paddle."

So they quickly paddle. Eventually, the Death Crate eventually crossed the river. Their team screamed and shouted. 

"Aww," said Anika.

Back at the cabins, April said, "We should stick to the plan, and get rid of Clyde, then get rid of me."

[Confessional: Piper said, "Oh honey, you don't understand. We all decided to vote for you."]

Rhett said, "We should."

April replied, "Thank you."

After April left, Rhett let out a sigh, and Rhett said, "Thank goodness, she didn't see me lying."

At night, Kae said, "So, let's get voting."

[Confessional: Anika said, "Okay, bye bye, April."]

[Confessional: Craig said, "April."]

[Confessional: Dalilah said, "Duh. April."]

[Confessional: Rhett said, "April."]

[Confessional: Asher said, "Bye, April."]

[Confessional: Piper said, "So, I vote April."]

[Confessional: Clyde said, "I know I will be out this week, so why not vote for April. Just in case something happens."]

[Confessional: April said, "Okay. Clyde, your time is done."]

Wren said, "The votes are in. It is 7 to 1. April, you are going home."

April screamed, "What! You guys voted for me. Fine, I don't care. Leave, go away."

She ran away crying.

[Confessional: Anika said, "Hey, I guess that looks aren't important."]

Kae said, "One alliance down, a lot more to go. Who will make an alliance next week? Who be eliminated? Find out next time."

Wren said, "And also, starting from this episode. There will be a Best of the Winners, or BoW, and the Best of the Losers, BoL. This episode, we will tally up who are the most talkative, as known as the most lines, including confessionals. And the person eliminated cannot be the BoL. And next episode, you will see what the reward is."

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