Class Day
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge(s) Answer school related questions.
Reward(s) Immunity. Won't lose a member.
Winner(s) Sunshine Crate
Eliminated Darryl
Episode guide
"Looks Aren't Important"


"Hi. I am Kae, and this is my friend, and other host, Wren, and we are proud to present you a new reality series called Lumiere," said Kae.

Wren said, "Lumiere is the whole show, not just this season."

"Because this season is called Renegades," they both said.

"16 teens will battle against each other in two teams, and the last one standing will win 1 million dollars," Wren said.

"Let us meet our contestants," said Kae.

Kae and Wren walked in a classroom. Then, Wren stated, "If your name is called, then please open the door and find a seat."

The first person was. "April," said Kae.

April said, "Hello, I will win with my beauty and looks."

Kae looked disgusted when April said that, while Wren had no emotions at all. Wren said, "Okay, then. Next up, is Anika."

"Hey all!" screamed Anika.

Kae asked, "What is she wearing?" and then said, "Next up, we have Darryl."

"Yo. I am going to win it all!," yelled Darryl.

Wren replied, "Well, good luck because we have Craig next."

"Hello," Craig said.

"Astrid," Kae said.

"How are you guys?" asked Astrid.

"I am fine, and Dalilah is next," said Wren.

Dalilah doesn't talk and she looked for a place to sit, but Darryl pulled the chair from her sitting stage. Dalilah screamed, "What the?"

Darryl laughed and laughed, Kae said, "Let's move on. Abby, please come out."

Abby shouted, "Of course, I am on this show."

"Next,please Clyde," said Wren.

Clyde, "I am a cowboy."

"Jonas," said Kae.

"Thanks. I am going to sing a rap song to you. How did it go? Rope. No. Song," mummbled Jonas.

While Jonas was mummbling, Wren said, "Sunday, you are up next."

"Hey all. I know you guys are just jealous of me and my looks," said Sunday.

"Asher is next," screamed Kae.

"But, I am not done," cried Sunday.

Asher said, "Move it."

Sunday screamed, while being pushed away by Asher. Sunday screamed, "I don't want to be on the same team as you. I hate you."

Asher replied, "Good for you."

Wren said, "5 more people, and you will know your teams. Carly is next."

Carly said, "Hello."

"Next we have Colt," said Kae.

Colt asked, "How are you guys?"

Wren replied, "I am good, and Reed, you are next."

Reed said, "What's up guys?"

"Introduction Rhett, is what I am doing," said Kae.

"Hi," said Rhett.

"Lastly, we have Piper," said Wren.

"Hello, I am Piper," said Piper.

Kae announced, "If your name is called, go where Wren is standing. Sunday, Carly, Jonas, Darryl, Abby, Astrid, Reed, and Colt. You guys are the Death Crate."

Wren said, "If your name isn't called, then you are the Sunshine Crate."

Dalilah said, "Glad I am not with Darryl. I will not forgive him."

Darryl replied, "So funny."

Kae said, "For your first challenge, we will ask you questions about school related topics, and the team with the most points win. First one to 5 wins. One guess per team each round. Starting now. Oh, and by the way, raise your hand, and we will call on you. If a team has 6 or more points, then that team will be the winner, if the other team never got any questions right."

Wren wrote on the chalkboard. He wrote the words: What are the units of frequency?

Darryl raised his hand, and Wren called on him. Darryl said, "Sound waves."

There was a buzzing noise, which was made by a button that Kae pushed. Anika raised her hand, and Kae called on her. Anika said, "The units of frequency is Hz or Hertz."

Wren said, "Correct."

Wren wrote: What is the chemical symbol of sodium? Asher raised his hand. Kae said, "Asher."

Asher replied, "Capital n, and lower case a."

Kae said, "Correct. 2 to 0."

Darryl said to his team, "You guys are terrible. The other team is winng."

All his team members gave him a glare. Carly said, "Well, you answered a question wrong."

Wren wrote: Which color of light has the longest wavelengths?

Astrid raised her hand, and Kae called her. Astrid said, "Red."

Wren said, "Correct. 2 to 1."

Darryl said, "Thank you. That is the spirit. I proclaimed myself as the new leader. I made you get that question right. Now who is the smart one?"

[Confessional: Astrid said, "Darryl, I hate his guts."]

[Confessional: Carly said, "Darryl, you are a terrible person."]

[Confessional: Colt asked, "Darryl, can he even lead? He has no leadership skills at all. Oh boy, I sure dislike him."]

Astrid, Carly, and Colt screamed, "Darryl, you won't be a good leader. You have no skills at all."

Darryl replied, "Okay, then. The rest of the team likes me. If you like me, come to my side. If you don't go the loser's side."

Everyone on his team went to the "loser's side." Darryl said, "Fine. If we lose, we are going to vote off Carly, and that is final."

Wren said, "Um. Hello. Let's get with the game."

Reed said, "Okay. Darryl, I thought you are cool dude, but you are actually a jerk."

Wren wrote: What is 3 * 10?

Darryl raised his hand and screamed, "13!"

Kae replied, "Wrong."

Clyde raised his hand, and Wren called on him. Clyde said, "30."

Wren replied, Correct. 3 to 1."

Rhett said, "Good job team. This team is good."

[Confessional: Anika said, "Blah. Blah. Blah. This team is good. Wow. Watch and see later on. I am not here making friends and you sound like an idiot."

She chuckled.]

[Confessional: Craig said, "You can't make friends, when you first see them. You need to understand them more. But either way, Rhett seems cool. So, I will let that slide."]

Wren said, "Next question. Name a country in Europe."

Asher raised his hand. Kae said, "Yes Asher?"

Asher said, "Germany is one country in Europe."

Wren said, "Correct. 4 to 1. Next question. What is the square root of 121?"

Craig raised his hand, and said, "11."

Kae said, "Correct. The Sunshine Crate wins!"

The members of the Sunshine Crate screamed and were happy, while the Death Crate were looking angrily at Darryl. Darryl said, "Wow. Yup. Goodbye Carly."

Carly replied, "What did I ever do to you?"

Kae said, "Good job. But you must see the elimination of the Death Crate. And Death Crate, get ready to vote in the confessionals. And we will view the confessionals and eliminate the member with the most votes."

[Confessional: Astrid said, "Darryl."]

[Confessional: Carly said, "Of couse. We all know he is going home."]

[Confessional: Sunday, said, "Good bye."]

[Confessional: Jonas sang, "Woah. Ya. I am still, but yaa. Good bye Darryl."]

[Confessional: Reed just showed the camera, who he had voted. He crossed an big X on Darryl's photo.]

[Confessional: Colt said, "Darryl is a jerk, and he has to go home today."]

[Confessional: Abby said, "To be honest, Darryl is okay, but I won't count to be his friend. But. I must vote him."]

[Confessional: Darryl said, "They must not vote me, but Carly.]

Kae said, "The votes are in. Astrid, Sunday, Jonas, Reed, Colt, and Abby are safe. And lastly, we will view the confessionals."

They watched the confessionals. Darryl said, "I will accept your apology. Thanks for being nice to me, even though we aren't friends."

Abby said, "No problem."

Wren said, "Darryl, you are going home. Exit through the door, you came in today."

Darryl replied, "Good bye people!"

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